Technical Official ROLES



Check Starter




Judge Of Stroke (JOS)


Inspector Of Turns (IOT)


Please see below THE steps to gain accreditation as a swimming WA Technical official.

Technical Official Training

Note 1 - Registration: 

  • When you first use the link for swimming Aust website you will have to register. 
  • The NSW training website does not require you to register until you enrol for a course.

Note 2: Prior to starting the practical training or face to face workshops the club will update your membership on myswim website to reflect that you are now a Technical Official which will mean you are covered insurance wise when conducting your role.

Note 3: Prior to starting your practical training you must have a a WWCC. If you don't have one already: . Pick up a form from your local Australia post office, fill in parts 1 thru 4 and then contact the clubs WWCC delegate, Matt Garske, to complete the parts 5 thru 7, then submit the form at your nearest post office. If you have a card already please supply the club with the card number and expiry date.

Required Training:

Step 1 (Swimming Aust website login required):

Community Officiating General Principles online module - ASC General Principles – this is required and applies equally to officiating in all sports. 

Step 2 (Swimming Aust website login required):

The Technical Officials - Introduction course is the next online course that should be completed by all aspiring officials.

Step 3 – Swimming specific online modules:

Then, the following two courses can be undertaken on the Swimming Australia training website (same login as in Steps 1 & 2):

  1. Check Starter
  2. Clerk of Course     (Marshal)

Or for the following roles the following courses can be undertaken on the Swimming NSW Training website:

  1. Timekeeper/Chief      Timekeeper
  2. Starter
  3. Inspector of Turns     (IOT)
  4. Judge of Stroke     (JOS)
  5. Recorder

For Step 3 onwards – It is not a requirement that new officials undertake the online learning modules as candidates can attend only a face to face workshop, run by accredited TO trainers (these are usually run for Starter, JOS and IOT roles). However, Swimming WA strongly recommends in addition to the face to face workshops to complete the free online learning modules (from step 3 onwards), as they are an excellent source of information and will assist any future workshops or practical training.

If you are interested in doing the training for any of the other roles you should do the online modules and once completed swimming WA will then assist the club in getting the additional practical training required to complete your training. 

If you have any further questions or queries:

Matt Garske – or 0497 157 319.